Why I’m done with Chrome
Chrome is a Google Service that happens to include a Browser Engine
Google at 20: how two 'obnoxious' students changed the internet
India's Modi launches 'world's largest' health insurance scheme
Let's hope Modicare isn't vaporware.
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Leave no dark corner
China is building a digital dictatorship to exert control over its 1.4 billion citizens. For some, “social credit” will bring privileges — for others, punishment.
Could you retire early? The Fire Movement may have the magic formula
Nearly 40% of female suicides occur in India
"Study indicates early marriage, male violence and patriarchal culture are to blame"
‘Beloved Delhi’: This book explores how Dilli became the city of poets, and of Urdu
"From Mir to Ghalib, from Zafar to Zauq, Saif Mahmood tells the stories of the city’s best-loved Urdu poets."
Colour me right: It's time to end colourism in India
"Indian society still believes skin colour determines a person's worth."
India, today: Anand Patwardhan’s documentary ‘Reason’ holds a troubling mirror to the headlines
The celebrated documentary filmmaker dives headfirst into the Hindutva-versus-the-rest divide that has put many lives at risk.
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John Bolton threatens war crimes court with sanctions in virulent attack
"Bolton vowed that the United States would retaliate by banning ICC judges and prosecutors from entering the US, imposing sanctions on any funds they had in the States and prosecuting them in the American court system."
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