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Google at 20: how two 'obnoxious' students changed the internet

Google is absolutely preferable to its chief competitors, because Google's ambitions are aligned with the development and growth of the open web. Of course, that's a commercial, not a principled interest. So if other countries acted like China, Google would go along with that. Therefore I try to use alternative services.
Maldives challenger Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wins presidency
Unexpected! - a win for secularism.
Morning walk; passing by the cemetery.

O Death,
wait till I pack my suitcase:
my toothbrush, my soap, my shaver, aftershave and clothing.
How is the weather there?
is it changing, in the white eternity,
or does it stay the same,
in winter as in autumn?
Will one book suffice there, in the no-time,
or will I need a whole library?
And how do they speak there?
In everyone's colloquial Arabic,
Or in classical Arabic?
Wait, death,
until clarity of mind returns to me
in the spring.

Mahmoud Darwish
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India's Modi launches 'world's largest' health insurance scheme
Let's hope Modicare isn't vaporware.
Yom Kippur and Ashoura: Are Muslims observing a Jewish holiday?
Three complementary ideological fanaticisms are chiefly responsible for the sustained bifurcation manufactured today between Islam and Judaism - all of them handmade by European colonialism, all of them invested in denying and dismissing the legacies of the Judeo-Islamic tradition. Militant Islamism, fanatical Zionism and Christian imperialism are the triangulated foregrounding of fear and fanaticism that has wreaked havoc in our world and systematically and consistently distorted the clarity of our historical visions.
I'm still trying to imagine "20 tons of mini-Eiffel Towers" seized by French police. What will they do with them? Maybe they could be melted down and re-cast as mini-statues of liberty and gifted to the Americans.
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NEW INVESTIGATION: #Maldives tourism isn’t all swaying palm trees and white sand beaches. The truth is something uglier. Read the new stories, #ParadiseLeased 🏝️, here:

Thanks to a trove of leaked files, OCCRP reporters have uncovered the details of a multi-million dollar scheme that saw dozens of Maldivian islands leased out to developers in no-bid deals. While local tycoons and international investors cashed in, the people of this island paradise saw precious little.

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Good new! An old old and stupid war...
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Could you retire early? The Fire Movement may have the magic formula
afternoon walk

The landscape is desolate: the solitude in which only the dog and the two trees stand out, without human presence...
And our landscape is a little arid at the end of summer.
Yes, I see...
Aziz Abu Sarah, an east Jerusalemite, is suing Israel to allow him to run for mayor.
Jerusalem's Palestinians have permanent residency. They can vote and contend for seats on the municipal council (only 2% voted in the last election). Only citizens can run for the office of mayor.
Elena Ferrante: ‘Solaris is not Tarkovsky’s best film, but it made the greatest impression on me’

I recently survived Tartovsky's "Stalker". I remember trying once to watch Solaris. Then I retried but ended up in Soderbergh's remake of it. I'm going to try again.

3 people killed, 13,000 demonstrate - a normal Friday in Gaza. Nothing in the Guardian or the Al-Jazeera web sites.
The complicit and guilty silence of always, what a horror!
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Well. The recogition of not working with Blairite Social Democracy is an advance, but it's all the old stuff about reforming into a cuddlier capitalism and a benevolent state that'll look after you.

The ruling class will not allow the reform required and if the best hope we have is the author's capitulation on austerity, Bernie "I vote for imperialist wars" Sanders and Jeremy "I can't even get my own party to support me" Corbyn, then heaven help us.
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Nearly 40% of female suicides occur in India
"Study indicates early marriage, male violence and patriarchal culture are to blame"
That's an amazing stat.
Some institutions remove ceiling fans in order to prevent suicides.
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Hmm. By the number of times that people broadcast the same content in parallel, without repeating, boosting or sharing it, you can often see that people are often not really reading each other's posts. But those who shout more than they listen and those who listen more than they shout are no doubt fulfilling different needs. So be it.